When A Man Loves A Woman

by Nigel Mugamu

She is the centre of his thoughts
He contemplates constantly planning the proposal and what to say
Saving for gifts as he was taught
Patiently waiting to see her at the end of his day
He appears with a surprise
Consciously aware of her feelings
Flowers he yearns for the look in her eyes
Life is good, her smile reinstates his life has meaning

He calls just to say hi
She understands why
He is possessive not jealous
For he understands her friends include some fellows
He cares enough to know when George is in town
He visits her and still wants to hang around
He loves her so much
You can see it when they touch
She has already met his family
Hes planning forever you see

His whereabouts are always known
Transparency as he choice to do this
You can tell their love has grown
Slowly he is planning to co-exist
Until that final day she holds a copy of his keys
The keys to his humble abode
His safe haven where he is free to release
She has entered his world, a place only he has control

He genuinely cares
He is eager to share
He is strong yet sensitive
Shy yet expressive
Admits when he is wrong
Dances with her to her favourite song
She knows his vulnerable side
One look and she knows what hurts inside

He caresses, he holds
He allows her to kiss his soul
Christmas plans included her family
Her sheer presence calms him revealing serenity
Peaceful as she sleeps
He watches her as He realises it is she he should keep
His mother warned him there would be a woman like this
Said he would fall, said it would be total bliss

With her presence all is well
Just watching him Im sure you can tell
Beautiful moment just watching two souls colliding
Two lovers just vibing
Her hand fits perfectly into his
He stares into her yes and see his kids
Possible ideas of joint banks accounts appear
Commitment is not his biggest fear 
Losing her is
Can you imagine love like this?

An Ode to Women by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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