by Nigel Mugamu

I want to get paid

Get laid

And lie in all the money I made


I want to make so much money

So I can make all the rules

Because you know the golden rule

Get on your knees

And bow before me please

I want to surround myself

With so much wealth

I could even buy your health

Easily but a stealth bomber

Eradicate any country

And make more money

I want to own you

Screw you

Whenever I felt like it

I want you to lick



As you enjoy

My essence

No need to mention the kind of power I have

Too many staff

I知 thinking of cutting them in half

Oil prices gone through the roof

But what痴 the use?

I値l make more money

Selling guns to European countries

Yippee! More money

I want to poison these people

Control the media

Cause mass hysteria

Hell I want to impregnate them

With visual problems

So every time they close their eyes

They see ME

And realise

Their existence is a lie

A figment of MY imagination

And I could easily change their situation

If they had money

Matter of fact I値l change the currency

To dog shit

Like in that movie with the black dude who dies

And then I won稚 allow anyone to have dogs

I値l get 粗m frogs instead

Reiterating their uprising is dead


Yet today

Of all days

I知 lying all socked


No one is grieving

Assassination attempt





Tomorrow may never come


My point: seize the moment now

Tomorrow by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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