A Poet Is Born

by Nigel Mugamu

Among the debris

and the violence that has surrounded us

grew a love for poetry

We seem to have forgotten to love and trust

like we used to

forgotten to embrace whole-heartedly like we used to


Among the brief moments

of sanity

came the birth of one poet


prescribing his own poetry

his journey


pausing as a perpetual flow of tears

for all the sadness seen or experienced all these years

Consciousness embedded in his every flow

Minute moments

when a love song

a haiku or two

for the crew

Because if he canít reach them

He canít teach you

Always time for a prayer

Remembering why heís even here

His existence

is to change the system

so mankind can grow

once again

Black and white become friends

Fusing together to form grey

His ideal reality


He likes grey


Between the urgencies of life

The search for his wife

Came the realisation

That poetry was and still is a gift

So he uses it to uplift

Uses it to express

Reduce the daily stress

and even confess

the things seen

what life means

To a poet like him



Right now

This very moment

a poet is born

This is his journey...

A Poet Is Born by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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