A Letter To My Sisters Ė Part (A)

by Nigel Mugamu

Dear Sisters


First and foremost

I love and respect you

I apologise in advance for the many times

The times I tried

The times I lied

You now witness my insecurities everyday

In everyway

From the women I choose to date

To the way I choose to hate

I donít listen to you anymore

Now like I used to, not like before

A lot has happened over the years

You know Iíve shed so many tears

Iíve cried over stories untold

For this world is cruel and cold

Feels like my heart has been tempted with

I drink and smoke way too much spiff

A way of hiding my pain

Itís harder just trying to maintain

I donít need for you to feel what I feel

Iím trying to protect you and thatís me being real

I donít want you to tolerate my own nonsense

A time will come when it will all make sense


My soulís trying to deal with real life

You are my strength

The reason I overcome the strife

I still want you to be my wife

Right now Iím just not ready

Ready for the way you were designed to love me

My sisters please forgive me

In time you will see

I needed to face this internal battle

I needed to take the long walk and finally see whatís vital

Perhaps a moment when I need to read my bible

Talk to God and find out what I need to do

The truth is I truly love you


Some of my brothers are not strong enough to face you

They often try to replace you

Perhaps inside they know the truth

I donít know

Weíre all walking different paths in life

All I know is I still want you to be my wife

Still need you to hold my hand

Help me find a reason

To live through yet another season

I donít mean to judge you

Iím trying my best to love you

Itís harder when I donít completely love myself

When all the sisters I seem to meet care only about my wealth

And they donít care about my emotional health

How can you expect me to open up my soul?

How can you expect me to talk to you without my ego?

Thatís all I have to protect me

My sisters canít you see?

Iím hiding behind my own insecurity.

A Letter To My Sisters Ė Part (A) by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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