Dear Publisher

by Nigel Mugamu

Dear Publisher

I am writing to request a book deal

I believe God not only blessed me with creative skill

But He also gave me a conscious mind

Whispered in my ear Ďson you are one of kindí

I just have a message for the youth

Poetry influenced by real life proof

You see Iím more than just the physical

I am somewhat deeper than the average individual

I discuss everything from love to the differences in faith

Attempting to teach awareness ensuring we are mentally safe

A pinch of salt with a cup of comedy

As I soften the blow of todayís reality

For those who know perhaps a haiku or two

Or a thought to help one pull through

For a minute letís forget about the money & the fame

Iím trying to consciously connect oneís heart to one brain

Using them both to make lifeís difficult decisions

Resulting in a clear cut line of vision

Once this is achieved one becomes aligned with oneís soul

Humanity makes sense as we realise self-control

United I firmly believe we will both grow

Eventually allowing love to finally take a hold

So I had to write and make you see

That the world could use a little poetry

Poetry that captures lifeís themes & creative skill

But also poetry that expresses how humanity really feels

Issues that we can all relate to

An inspirational verse that might carry a clue

Unravelling many of lifeís mysteries

Simply by reading a book of poetry

So I ask you to please consider my request

Allow my words to do the rest

That I may finally shine as a poet

As we both embrace this historic moment


Yours sincerely



Dear Publisher by Nigel Mugamu

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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