Gallivanting Reduces Equaled Growth

by Ashley Mintz

The taste of your words was sweet;
or was it my twisting them, changing their order
to make them fit;
like missing pieces that would complete my puzzling reality.
I try to make our past seem not as bad so you could be the
hero in my presence, in my present and
save me, but
you’ve got others waiting, and lately
you only mirror what I am afraid of facing.
And just before we shatter, I step back from the cracks
threatening to scatter the parts of us that were once intact.
You and I, these beautiful, ugly beings, I
turn away from what I am seeing and
let the smoke rise as I
burn every red flag waving in my favor
because love cannot wait until later.
I need love like an unsung song needs a creator, like 
two enemies need a 
You feed me crumbs and so
I savor.
While you move back and forth and
coast to coast, to
find life and to
await her, and
Tell me, do puppets always dance?
Because, well,
sometimes I tiptoe softly so that the strings will not make extra creases
in your fingers and
disfigure your hands.
You many need them whole one day
in case you ever decide to hold mine. 

Gallivanting Reduces Equaled Growth by Ashley Mintz

© Copyright 2015. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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