Black On Black

by Ashley Mintz

“Black man shot by police!” “Another black man shot by police!” “Another black man shot…” “Another black man....” “Another black....” It sinks into your sub-conscious, until you, yourself start to believe that black bodies are disposable. They make you believe it because the youth is impressionable. It’s all you see. No one planted the seed that made you challenge that belief. And now, when you look in the mirror, there stands, “Another Black man.” And when another black man disrespect you, your anger puts you in a state of unrest because it’s an emotion you never learned to express. So you go with what you did learn, “Another black man shot!” He mirrors the Innocence that you forgot. He mirrors the part of yourself that you learned to hate, and so you pull the trigger to relieve that weight. But maybe that is their plan, to get you to do the job. Kill two beautiful birds with one stone. Him, 6 feet under, and you 25 to life, and all alone.

Black On Black by Ashley Mintz

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