by Trina Williams-Emigh & Miguel A. Wilder

Do I have to be anti white to be pro black? 
Do I (have to) like all (the) black people that I fight for? 
Do I (have to) hate every white person I call my friend? 
Do I use the word myself, then get mad when someone else calls me 

Should I brag about every black quarterback? 
Should I complain that white folks sing rap, and r&b? 
Should I preach to every black man about the rising of our people? 
Should I act hard, because my dick in bigger? 

Can I get away with always telling the truth? 
Can I be as good as other's think I am? 
Can I tell my sistas that some white women really do look good to me? 
Can I face the fact that our people have, all but given up on the 

Is it my fault that, I have not gotten as far as I think I should be? 
Is it white folks fault that black people are freed of slavery, yet 
still wear the chains? 
Is it safe to say, "The truth will make me free, but it won't keep me 
out of trouble?" 

Who the hell said, "Black is beautiful." 
Who voted for Clinton anyway? 
Who wanted to come to this country? 
Who listens when I scream? 

Why is it that black people let white people get away with murder, but 
will kill their own over just a look? 
Why can't we work together? 
Why can't we learn our true history? 
Why is it that Malcolm, and Martin have been reduced down to just a 
phrase, "By any means necessary", and "I have a dream?" 


Do you have to judge me by the color of my skin? 
Do I have to support a cause, just because it's black? 
Do you think I should distrust every white person, because their white? 
Do you think I should believe every black person has my back? 

Should I jump on every black stars band wagon? 
Should I not listen to pop, alternative or rock? 
Should I really believe that to crossover means you're no longer black? 
Should I expect people to accept me? 

Can I see beyond seeing that which is not seen? 
Can I hope that the future will erase the evils of the past? 
Can I really inspire others? 
Can I continue to be strong? 

Is it my fault that I know who I am? 
Is it your fault that you don't? 
Is it wrong to be proud of just being me? 

Who told you to sleepwalk? 
Who mapped out your life without even consulting you? 
Who told you the struggle was over? 
Who lied and said you were free? 

Why does the government own us? 
Why don't people think for themselves? 
Why do we wait for others to complain? 
Why do you believe that GOD needs a middleman in order to be reached?


"?" by Trina Williams-Emigh & Miguel A. Wilder

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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