The Alibi Blues

by Maya Robinson

Smokey rooms and close the bar tunes was our alibi when friends had assumed we'd met
Adultery was the crime of his and mine hid behind the sad rhymes.
When the music got sweet we'd meet to cheat and create the heat that made us complete
Beneath that lyrical desperation we lost all hesitation to swim in the affectation of our Blues Alibi.

B.B. King picked Lucille as got our fill of the warmth we had to steal and conceal between meals.
Not wanting to upset the sect that would reject the affect Blues Alibi had on our mind set.
The music was always blues when we'd choose to cover the clues of who was loving who.

Going to the bar really meant jumping in the car and going far to the stars
Then home before the joint closed
As you can guess we undressed in a mess because our time was less than a normal romance,
but I must confess it was the best.

It wasn't all night or every night but it was quite right and just enough to keep me tight.
Until the wife was home alone and the jook box moaned the song that drowned our wrongs.
Deep behind those confines love was blind and what you could find was a state of mind called
Blues Alibi.

The Alibi Blues by Maya Robinson

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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