Poem for Stanley "Tookie" Williams

by Marquitta S. Bey

The Execution is complete
Is Tookie in Heaven?
Is Tookie in Hell?

What really matters is that he has redeemed himself 
and is know longer in jail
5 people were killed-died knowing the truth 
5 lives lost
Yet the truth is; Tookie should not have paid the cost

400 years lives have been taken
Are we that blind to his wrath?

That pale skin Satan!

Conquer & Divide is his goal
Conquer & Divide is his mission
But why O why are WE always at the foot of his DAMN admission?

Is Tookie Guilty of Murder?
Were you there? Can you answer that?
Just because 12 biased misguided jurors did, 
the terminator CAN NOT honesty even justify to that.  

Clemency Was Deserving.
Our Hearts told us that.

Planted Evidence & Reasonable Doubt
What will it take on Earth to have change brought about?

Tookie is physically gone from us forever.  
I am filled with anger & despair.
TIRED simply TIRED of US as a people always having to go there.

To a place of NO JUSTICE
A place of NO ANSWERS

Some are blind to it.
Some ignore it.
Some are thrown bones. (Very expensive bones)
Some seem to be for equality.
Some make it seem like there running their own show.
Yet there is a puppet master always, YES always in control.

No matter whom you are as an African American
No matter what you have done positive
No matter how you have changed
No matter how you succeed

As long as The Willie Lynch mentality is running the scene-
We will always be NO GOOD NIGGAS never to be redeemed.

Tookie your legacy WILL NOT DIE.  Change has to come.  

Poem for Stanley "Tookie" Williams by Marquitta S. Bey

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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