by Marco A. Nickelson "Spoken"

I've passed you in the midst of the wind... making each breath colder than the first... as each verse caress your mind... still trying to immolate time... into another evolution that cried for our heart to be free... blood flowing through the streets of life... not knowing why the world holds onto the past travels... past misfortunes... still trying to define self... the wind blows stronger... stronger... until it dissipates with each breath becoming shorter than the first... to only sigh and realize we're visualizing life. Time has grown to something less mentionable.. still comprising itself of things that we fail to see… to only notice the things that society want you to see… open your mind… turn a page.. each picture may seem different that the first… but it’s only the deprivation that sleeps in the bounds of another’s dream… or is it their reality… I knock at your soul.. hoping to open your heart… to understand the things that I feel for you being free…. From the bowels of society which we see… is not the story of what you think you see… it’s fiction not reality. Time and time again I tell you that you’ve given your life to something that doesn’t exist… the world is like a matrix… making you search to find the glitch that will make you rich… not realizing that your everyday breath is your riches… Breath in… breath out… utilize your mind… not your nose or mouth… exhale to the level of educational studies that lie within your mental state… inhale to the level of platonic life… getting high off knowledge instead of some song lyrics that only talk about marijuana or some other impurity that was placed in this society to weed out those that don’t belong in their eyes.. being exactly what you call it weeds in their vision of doing the things that are meant for him to see… open your eyes … concentrate on your verbiage making you free… not the history that’s been given to us… for our claim to being free is within your mind and heart… for we’re already F~R~E~E.

Free by Marco A. Nickelson "Spoken"

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