As I Explode

by Malkiese Paythress

I'm the young black menace battling society
there's no placing me
currently surviving the game
breaking any shackles designed to confine
a cyclone of attitude is adherent 
to the swagger I project
demanding respect
attracting tension like a magnet
far from being worthless
you just can't handle my limits
I'm the initiator and the conclusion
the escalation will leave you bruised son
with no exception to the rules
I'm evolution of the threat
you knew years ago
and chose not to acknowledge
I shed tranquility during my journey 
back to reality
overcoming mores that you people 
in mainline society are stuck with
flowing in everlasting like liquid
mortality knows nothing of me
as you paced awestruck
I erased it
you must be dumb with bad luck
trying to oppose
with no complexities I rose
keeping a panoramic view of the whole


Suppressed savage mentality 
has its release and season
within my reason
you can't comprehend 
amid the calm group 
you choose to circulate with
not knowing the extent of the fire 
blazing through the firmament
it's a given that I tend to this
you don't want it
while I exist one with the heated spirit
you ducked away from it and I stayed numb
free on a level of climax and nirvana
reading its properties like an encyclopedia
greeting the haze 
half-amazed by the sensation it gave
my attitude changed
torching everything in the way
and still walk slowly through inner peace
pleased with the passion 
interlocked with my soul


As I Explode by Malkiese Paythress

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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