Queen Takes Knight

by Madhatter

Last night you and I did our thang, thang,
Even though last month I hooked up with a guy you know, 
And last week, I heard you got with my girl. 
Yet you call Me a trip.

The other day at dinner my cell rang 5x's.
Yours rang 4.
When we stayed the night at my place,
Someone called me at 2:30 AM.
When we were at yours, you got a call at 3AM.
Still, you call me a playette and talk to me about booty calls.

It jsut seems like whatever is good for the goose, 
Is even better for the gander.
If game recognizes game,
And all is fair in love and war,
Then what's with all the hating?
Is it because I not only know the game,
But play it as well as you?

You know the rules: Don't hate the player, hate the game.
Has it been a while since you had a female contender? 
Or is it blowing your mind because you never have?

My little black book is fuller than yours.
My game is tighter than yours. 
My mack is stronger than yours, 
And if I had a dick it would be bigger than yours, too.

Nah baby, I'm not trying to clown you.
You stepped to me with all this nonsense.
Calling me a trip.
Asking me "what's up?"
Saying I ain't nothing but a ho'.

Did I label you a "dog" when I found out you fucked my girl.
Or call you a trip when you can't stay the night, 'cuz "you got something to do".
I didn't even ask you "what's up" when I saw you out with my co-worker.
You didn't even know I saw you, did you?

Because, it's cool.
Do your thing.
Play on playa'.
Cuz believe me I will.
Not only can I stand the heat,
I run the motherfuckin' kitchen.

And if you can't handle the game,
Then maybe you should stick to Monopoly or Chess. 

Queen Takes Knight by Madhatter

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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