My Deepest Apologies

by the Madhatter

Itís unfortunate black man,
that the old lady tightened the grip on her purse
when you got on the elevator,
she had no idea youíre a teacher of 10 years.

Itís too bad man of color,
that the ďpoe-poeĒ, stopped you
because you ďfit the descriptionĒ,
how could he know youíre a partner
in a prominent law firm.

Itís really sad Nubian king,
the sistah crossed the street
when she saw you approaching,
she didnít realize your unique style
is a form of artistic expression,
just look at your paintings
hanging in the downtown gallery.

And yeah itís fucked up,
that the associate in the boutique
acted shady when you asked for assistance.
Imagine her surprise when she finds out
youíre the Regional VP for the company that owns the place.

Iím sorry my brother,
the man hurried off
when you tried to ask him for directions.
Your long locks threw him.
He didnít know you are a deanís list college student.

My deepest apologies to my Negro elders,
my colored men, my black brothers,
my African-American warriors, my Nubian kings. 

They donít know any better.
Iím truly sorry you are prejudged,
And wrongfully accused,
And wrongfully persecuted,
And dismissed,
And disregarded,
And misunderstood,
And misrepresented,
And under appreciated,

And so many other things Iím sure I missed.
And so many other things Iím sure I canít begin to fathom,
Because although I too am black,  I am not a black man.

Although I know your pain, I donít know your pain.
And although I feel your pain, I canít  feel your pain.
I get the short end of the stick, but your end is shorter.

My deepest apologies to you my brothers
for all the times you got fucked with no Vaseline. 
I canít imagine what it must be like to live in your world.

Just know your sistahs,
Your queens,
Your female warriors,
Are here for you and with you Ďtil the bitter end.
Weíll be whatever you need us to be, whenever you need us to be it.
Just donít always take your frustrations out on us.
Weíre not the enemy; weíre a fellow soldier.
Willing to fight the battles along side you when we can,
And help to patch up and heal your wounds when we canít.

My deepest apologies to you men of color
for all the ugliness the world unfairly gives you.
ďTheyĒ have no idea.
They donít realize your intelligence,
Your spirit,
Your patience,
Your strength,
Your innovation,
Your creativity, 
Your ingenuity,
Your warmth,
Your loyalty,
Your heritage,
Your  Greatness.

My deepest apologies to you because although I do, 
And we do and always have; ďtheyĒ may never.

This piece was inspired by seeing all the deservant
brothers not being able to get a break
because of outward appearances and/or stereotypes.

My Deepest Apologies by the Madhatter

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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