Strong Black Woman

by Lorna J. Wilson

Strong black woman, extraordinary in fortitude.

Her composition envelops experiences that define her strength.

As each challenge measures ability and tests her faith,

she finds endurance through dedication to achievement.


Strong black woman, unique in mindset.

Her courage produces positive results and elevates expectation.

As each journey supplies knowledge and understanding,

she finds enlightenment through focus on direction.


Strong black woman, affectionate in love.

Her compassion is reflected through the mirrors of her eyes.

As her family is cherished and each member rests assured,

she finds jewels of a treasure surround her in adore.


Strong black woman, exceptional in benevolence.

Her selflessness encourages those enamored by her presence.

As each life is influenced by the guidance of her touch,

she finds beauty through tenacity and inspires one’s advancement.


Strong black woman, devoted in her faith.

Her daily walk with Christ is the true source of her strength.

As connection with the Father embraces relationship with Him,

she finds joy, restoration and ability to strive on.


Strong black woman, you have made a difference in this world.

Your accomplishments convey a multitude of pride.

Thank you for your commitment and your undying love.

You are the thread that knits the pattern in the fabric of our lives.

Strong Black Woman by Lorna J. Wilson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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