The Natural Order

by Lorna J. Wilson

The passion to teach with splendor and style,

the natural order for rearing a child.

The nurture of parents both male and female

promotes the fullness to balance the scale.

When scales are unbalanced, dubiety breathes.

The child loses self where lack is conceived.

When identity's questioned and no answer's in sight,

self-esteem falls deeply from shadows of light.

Comfort and nourishment may lack unaware;

search for completeness may leave the soul bare.

The child grows deprived the abundance of life,

searching for love through a husband or wife.

As time passes by, the search empty yet still,

then child having child is another sad pill.

This remedy's temporal for the void still remains.

A hollow ache and the source of great pain.

For the cycle repeats when the child is unhealed,

teaching those things they found unrevealed.

The well-rounded one finds real love from within.

The seeds planted young for each blossoms a friend.

The mother, the father, their bond forms the cord

for completeness that's balanced through love from the Lord.

The one-parent home may produce equal fruit,

when an opposite gender mentors the youth.

The natural order, treasure refined,

imparts self-assurance for true peace of mind.

The Natural Order by Lorna J. Wilson

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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