Brown Brother

by Lorna J. Wilson

Brown brother, what facet is owned?
What constitutes purpose for being?
Brown brother, have you set the tone?
What gives your life a sense of meaning?
For some say that you know them not,
and those who know you understand.
Yet no one can predict the plot,
those set for you hath yet pre-planned.
Brown brother what does set your mood?
How can one see into your mind?
Brown brother, are you understood?
What mystery is there to find?
Is there some destiny untold?
Is there a truth we must unfold?
An endless strength within yourself;
a plethora of unfound wealth?
Your strength, always so strong and true.
Your love, forever something new.
Your life, so proud, it must be told.
A gentle touch that we must know.
Brown brother, if your intellect
falls behind your friends and foes,
find courage and articulate
the depth for what we do not know.
Donít ever let someone tell you
your path leads to a sudden plight.
For you alone doth set the path,
for all you know thatís true and right.
Your gift to your community will never
become lost in sight.
Face your fear, if it exists;
Stand up tall and walk with pride.
Brown brother, you will never fail;
Education is your tool of choice.
Your morale fiber is your wealth,
your intellect, your strength, your voice.

Brown Brother by Lorna J. Wilson

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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