A Strong Black Woman

by Looney

A strong black woman is who rules this world
A strong Black woman not a young white girl
A strong Black woman is the backbone of all men
Yes even the white man even when slavery was in
See strong Black women have ruled this world for so long
That we decided to take a step back and see what would go wrong
Now everything is going wrong because it is in the hands of men
They don’t have enough sense sometimes to let God come in
Now that men have messed up the world they try to take away our rights
But no!!! The strong black woman has come here to stand up and fight
Strong Black women—once again it is time to take hold
Stop doing what you are doing—just because you were told
See it’s partly our fault that we are treated this way in the first place
Because as soon as he gave the first order- is when we should have slapped his face
Because no matter what anyone tells you—Strong Black Women rule
And what is between our legs makes men of all races drool
If they did not have us—there would be no one here today
And I personally Thank God for the Strong Black women who have paved the way
From way back was Harriet Tubman up t Maya Angelou
And details of us come from THE NEGRO MOTHER by Langston Hughes
A friend of mine wrote a poem A Man’s World- that’s right
It spoke of the women who’ve made it through the strive
To reach justice and peace and there’s one more fact
They all had one thing in common—they were strong and black

A Strong Black Woman by Looney

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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