Playa, Playa

by Looney

Playa, Playa you say you got these females jocking your stick
So why you all in my face in the club asking can you lick?
Playa, playa you say you cant help being who you are
Well exactly who are you—cause you aint no super star
Playa, playa you say you don’t have game—just good conversation
Yet before you open your mouth I know everything, nothing left to the imagination
Playa, playa you say you tell that female before hand so she already know
Yet you cant use the phone in her presence without running behind the closed door
Playa, playa you say you got your own shit and that’s all that needs to be said
So why is it you are constantly sleeping in somebody else’s bed?
Playa, playa you say you the bomb, make any female scream your name
But you must understand with me—you’re the one getting played in this game
Playa, playa you say you are MR BIG and you are your own man
So why is it that you are steady begging and sticking out your hand?
Playa, playa you say she is out buying you all these things
Yet I know you are the one who is paying for all those rings
Playa, playa you say you take all and give nothing in return
Yet she spending your money and it’s your knees with rug-burn
Playa, playa I aint coming down on you—I’m just peeping
Cause I checked it out, you were wide awake but your ass was still sleeping

Playa, Playa by Looney

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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