I Need a Man

by Looney

Brothaz listen up and I'll tell you what I need
I need a man who'll help me succeed
I need a man who'll support not hinder
Whether thick or thin big or slender
His heart must mean the world to him
Because our heart becomes one in the end
I need a man who works to help himself
Not because someone made him by fussing to deaf
I need a man not another child to to look after
When I begin to struggle alone I close the final chapter
When I feel I'm alone I can do bad alone
Don't get me wrong I love coming home
To my man, I love doing things for you
Bath water waiting and dinner too
Cause I know how to keep my man
To keep me is what you must understand
I don't require much just respect for the both of us
I don't like to argue I don't like to fuss
No bitches or hoes live in my apartment
No skanks no tricks not even a pigeon
Don't take my kindness for weakness cause it's not
Just like yours my attitude can run hot
I need a man who's not afraid to love
I need love and affection just as much as doves
Bills must get paid money is cool
But respect love and kindness are the rules
I need some of your time chill with me for a min
Your boys can wait till the weekend
I aint trying to tie you down, go, leave, have your fun
Cause we both need air, but remember I'm the only one
I got your back I'm forever true
But you have to give me what I need from you
I need you beside me helping me out
We can kick it laugh and clown no doubt
I don't need the jealously over lil stuff
Aint nobody hollin at me or calling your bluff
I don't do the bailing out of jail
Cause you trying to collect your mail
No pager going off in the middle of the night
I wanna kick it too, watch the Tyson fight
I love football and I'm a basketball fan
So why I can't spend time with my man?
Why trip cause I got a lot of male friends
Matters that-- it's who I come home to in the end
I should understand you got homegirls
But if a guy call my house he must be trying "to rock my world"
I don't need to worry if someone's sleeping in my bed
Cause I don't play mind games messing with my head
I know you got this tough guy barrier up but let me in
I aint looking for as brotha who's just trying to win
Those days are over it was fun while it lasted
But when we settle down no son of mine will be a bastard
I know it's hard to settle down I'm young too
We still can run the streets but in the end it's me and you
I need a man who realizes life aint gravy
But put two great minds together and maybe
If I understand you and you understand me-- by far
We can live like the KING and QUEEN that we are

I Need a Man by Looney

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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