In Response

by Looney

In response to Ooh Wee
The poem you did at Resiprocity really got to me
About how us sistas should understand
That your problems are due to "the man"
About how I should settle for less
When I feel I deserve the best
I aint on welfare--but I aint high class
But I REFUSE to settle for the very last
That negro who didn't graduate--
Because he partied and stayed up too late..
Was it the man who put that blunt in yo hand
So the next day you couldn't comprehend
Was it the man who made you drop out just two weeks..
Before walking the stage and made you walk the streets
So when other brothas graduate from college--what's your excuse
"The MAN" prevented you from putting your brain to use
I aint saying you gotta roll in a Lexus or Benz
But don't blame me for wanting to date respectful men
In response to the section 8
I work hard so my 400+ rent wont be late
You claim your downfall is because you're a Black Man
But your abled body should be able to do everything that I can
I was beaten and hung from trees just like you
So why is it I can succeed and you still stuck on being T-R-U
So I should lower my standards to bail you out of jail
Cause the MAN got you on the street trying to collect your mail.
We never said you had to be a big balla making $31 an hour you see..
But your mental state and capacity has to be
the same then it can be you and me
In Response to Ooh Wee

In Response by Looney

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