Game Recognize Game

by Looney

Yeah I knew the game before it started
And knew you THOUGHT you left me broken- hearted
But now who is calling and searching for who?
Claiming in the beginning to be a pimp but now you wanna be true
No lieóyou almost had me- giving me and telling me all this shit
But I run game too so when you ran it on me I peeped it
I told you in the beginning I ainít the one to fall
Bu you insisted and tried your best but now itís to me that you crawl
Saying that you love me and you donít know why I treat you cruel
But Iím not cruel Iím just real and going by the rules
Youíre sex is so damn good and you licks are so tight
I even gave you the privilege to spend the night
You please my body and some of my mind
You began thinking you would leave me but now youíre left behind
Didnít count on me being this good and rocking your world
At first you wasnít looking for a relationship but now Iím your girl???
Didnít think I would make your head spin making you cum back to back again and again
Couldnít get enough
Of my luscious stuff
You claimed to be the man
With the plan
Screw all you can
Try to fertilize the land
But you ran upon the wrong chick
With the addictive clit
Now it makes you sick
If I wont let you lick
Calling my house, pager and call phone
Wonít leave me alone
Cause Iíve gotten up in your dome
Going crazy- canít tell right from wrong
But you the man
With the plan
Remember that saying
Upon our initial laying
Together in bed trying to get it wet
Who would fall firstóI should have bet
Cause I got the skills
To pay the bills
So if you still think you can get a feel
Holla at me on the real

Game Recognize Game by Looney

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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