An Ended Love

by Looney

I sit and wonder why you have so much hate for me
When I am the one who has loved you so faithfully
Not a day that we were together did I betray you or our love
Yet you could not hold back the feeling of your lust
Though you say I did so many things so wrong
But cannot list one when the time comes
I cooked, cleaned, ironed and washed for you
Made more money but never put you through
The bullshit you put me through while we were one
Bitches calling my house playing-having fun
I have no doubt you loved me at one time
Who wouldn't? I took care of you till my very last dime
But you have taught me that I will keep mine to myself
You have taken all that I had to give- cleaned my shelf
I hope that you are happy with her but she doesn't know
The hell you put me through but then treated me as queen for show
You tell me you never want to see me again and that is just fine
You tell me we need to talk and that you were only lying
Don't know if you want me in your life or not
Scared to give up this beautiful young sista you got
Who had your back till the very end
Turning down handsome successful men
Why-cause I was in love with the man I thought I'd marry
Never ever did I think I would have to carry
This burden of sadness that you have created in my life
I thought for sure I'd soon with no doubt be your wife
Thought that if I gave you my all you wouldn't take it for granted
Boy was I wrong; all I did was make you feel like a king- enchanted
As I feel my black brothers should
Did things for you I never thought that I would
Broke so many personal rules and let down so many walls
To let you in my life-just to make me fall
Never again says my heart and soul
Then you call and my heart folds
But not because I'm in love-because of my hurt
You say your hurt so you treat me like dirt
But I have grown up since we parted
And a new life I have started
With a new love who treats me like the queen that I deserve
And I treat him like the king I treated you- but didn't have the nerve
To accept the pedestal I put you on
Now all the feelings I had for you are gone
And now you call in the middle of the night
I guess you and ole girl ain't doing too tight
Cause you're begging my forgiveness and asking to talk?
About what I swear our last meeting you said it all
And I accepted it cause my in love actually descended
To just love and finally the pain ended

An Ended Love by Looney

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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