But I'm Gone Be Alright

by Looney

                 But I'm gone Be Alright
I swear they are trying they best to keep a sista down
If its not one thing it's anotha in this sorry ass town
But I'm gone be alright

I once thought I found stability and my own home
But LAWD help cause these people wont leave me alone
But I'm gone be alright

I trip out with people I know...but I don't tell my business
Because no matter where you are people will start mess
I try to keep to myself, I'm quiet let some people tell it
But LAWD these wolf tickets they sell it
But I'm gone be alright

I refuse to be stressed out and I WONT let it get to me
Cause I already know that's it's just a show of jealousy
So people who feel me let me know what's the deal
But I'm gone be alright

We need to stop getting these degrees in hate-ology
And lead your own life-- don't bother me
Cause reguardless what you do I will succeed
It's a shame I had to brea it down for y'all tonight
That REGUARDLESS Looney's gone be alright.......

But I'm Gone Be Alright by Looney

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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