Love Is

by B.Optimistic

Love is sacrifice. 
Love is everything good and nothing nice. 
Love is commitment Love is work
Love is bullshit Love is hurt. 
Love is words 
Love is action 
Love is emotion 
Love is satisfaction.
Love is tears Love is Sweat 
Love is dry Love is wet. 
Love is constant  yet love changes 
Love is familiar yet feels the strangest.

Love is what two people share in a moment in their lives 
when they can put their lovers needs before their own 
fifty percent of the time.  
without regret
without being upset. 

Love is compromise 
Sometime itís a gift sometime a surprise
But always, always a prize.

Love is dedication
Love is motivation
The trick is
Love is never really True Love if itís not reciprocated
Itís infatuation.

Love is what your mother have for you.

Love is acceptance of your flaws 
Love is washing your dirty draws 
Love is fixing dinner after brutal brawls

Love is an investment
Love is a tax deduction
Love last longer than a one night seduction 

Love is a hobby
Love is a Job
Love is a relationship blessed by God

Love is kissing with morning breath
Love is a pledge until death 
Love makes you wanna jump back and kiss yourself

Love is what a mother feels at birth
Love is a never ending search
Love is not waxing that ass that gave you play at work

Love is as Love does
Love is what Love deserves
Love is peace

and Iím B-Optimistic

Love Is by B.Optimistic

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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