The Killing of a Prince

by B.Optimistic

 (In memory of Prince Jones, murdered by Cpl Carlton B. Jones
 of the Prince Georgeís County Police Department)

It sounds of thunder 
the blaring guns raining bullets of blunder 
Hot lead breaks bones while penetrating torsos 
as the last breath of life seeps through Godforsaken holes. 

Now a friendly face no longer smiles or speaks kind words
Now a mother cries while witnessing the crumbling of her 
Now a wedding will never be
and a fatherís love a child shall never see

The morning, 
His morning probably started off with a prayer
(so heís in Godís house now)
followed by a hum of a Bob Marley song

Woke up this morning, rise with the rising sun
Three little birds was on my doorstep.

Then the injustice of so called justice
steps in to show that injustice is just for us

Twenty-four hours latter a family is outraged
friends are in disbelief 
and a community is filled with distrust

That in 2000
a badge and a code of honor 
fails to cleanse the corrupt from perpetrating malicious 

So a Prince is murdered for being a Prince
and for anyone less, fear should be your pretense
your posture your slave shuffle 
because if your black you can get pulled over and get shot
just because a cop had a chip on his wicket shoulder.
For Godís light shined bright through this fallen angel 
that any demon no matter his level of possession by Satan
should have seen is beloved kindness 

and stopped!
A malicious act of murder 

The Killing of a Prince by B.Optimistic

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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