5 O'clock

by B.Optimistic

Selected prospects of compositions
words unbecoming for composing
all caught up at the threshold of conscious 
dissipates at consciousness and vanishes from existence.

I can't wait
I can't hold back the yarn of boredom.
I become indecisive and antsy 
nauseated at my predicament.
I would vomit but there's no substance to expel
no substance to extract and soothe this displeasure of incontinentment.  

Instead I wait it out 
learn to adapt to my environment. 
A characteristic my people know all to well, all to good.  
Adapt and deal, pray for better and settle for less
and in the meantime 
be patient.

So I'm a be patient until 5:00 and then I'm out
ghost, gone, Audi5000. 
Whatever terminology my presence will be missing and in action  
not missing in action because there's no action now
but I predict much action once I leave.  

Action that I create
Action that I initiate and participate in.  
The bonafide  antidote for boredom and misplacement
incontinentment and maybe some resentment. 

The act to Being..... Living...... Existing....

5 O'clock by B.Optimistic

© Copyright 1996. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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