A Story Worth Telling

by Leon Miller

I am submitting a human interest news story entitled, "A Story Worth Telling." It is my own story, that's true, but I believe the story could be inspirational to many American youth (especially minority youth). I believe many Americans will be interested in finding out how an Afro-American went from being a Chicago "street person" in the 1980's and early 1990's to becoming a candidate, at an Eastern European University, for one of the highest degrees offered in academia. In addition he is now in a position to initiate a program on improved East-West relations (in connection with preventing the competition between the two world superpowers becoming another bipolar world as was true during the US-Russian superpower stand-off).

I also believe that many Americans will think that there must be something promising about a person who was shown somewhat personal attention by Ralph Abernathy (at the Southern Baptist Convention Headquarters in Atlanta) and then later the same person being shown attention by top officials at Operation PUSH in Chicago (direct training from Rev. Hycel Taylor-former president of Operation PUSH). How does such a person end up becoming a street person of Chicago? I am sure many young people of America would be anxious to find out how it is possible to beat the odds of being trapped into a life on the streets to become a candidate for the highest scholastic degree offered in academia.

As is the case with many interesting life stories my own is strange, in many ways, but true. A person’s life experiences can not only take many ups and downs but as well many strange and peculiar twists. My own life story (as I am sure is true for many struggling youth in America) confronted me with the reality that one twist of fate could result in my life ending in unfortunate tragedy (in spite of the potential for realizing wonderful possibilities). This made me realize the validity of something that was emphasized by classical Greek philosophy “Why is it that a person with so much potential also has a strange character fault that seems to inhibit the person from realizing his or her full potential? How is it possible to rise above the social, class and economic traps that one must face in American society-overcome one’s own personal challenges that need to be reconciled-and realize his or her full potential?

One of the reasons I have been attempting to popularize my story is because the streets of Chicago gave me the gift of poetry (rap) and Eastern Europe provided me the opportunity to turn one of my poems into a pop format. So besides the opportunity I have in my University International Relations position (right up on the Russian border, in addition to my negotiations with Chinese officials concerning improved intercultural relations) I also have the possibility of musical productions depicting my feelings and experience as a street person in America.

Please notice that below the complimentary closing is a link to my musical single "Come to Paradise." It is a romantic type truth statement about the power of true love.

Instructor of Religion, Ethics, and Intercultural Relations
Tallinn University of Technology

Come to Paradise


A Story Worth Telling by Leon Miller

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