Young Hair

by Sweet Beats

Young hair takes the form of pigtails, cornrows and afro-puffs. 
Pigtails sits side by side on the head of many a little girl.
They fly in the wind and can be braided or twisted. 
Pigtails bounce up and down… they come in pairs
And sometimes in sets of four.

Pigtails come in different sizes, short and long. 
When pigtails grew up they became cornrows. 
Now cornrows stayed much closer together than pigtails. 
Cornrows actually didn’t even have the freedom of pigtails.

Cornrows is what they say when someone braids the hair close to the scalp... 
sometimes they hurt but they are always neat... they also call it plaiting the hair.
And cornrows could be friends with boys and girls. Now afro-puffs are puffy

These afro-puffs stand at attention.
Afro-puffs have a special curl they are like cotton balls. 
Just imagine little girls with cotton balls on their heads.

Sometimes afro-puffs hang out with cornrows 
and sometimes they hang out with pigtails. 
But you generally will not see pigtails and cornrows together. 
Afro-puffs are more inclusive and easier to get along with.

But young hair can go any way in an afro-puff, cornrow or pigtail.

Young Hair by Sweet Beats

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