Labor Pains

by LaVerne Curtis

W hat would make a woman live her entire life unfulfilled, unhappy and full of pain…past and present? Never addressing these issues, but continuously living her life daily with the wounds deeply embedded in her soul. I’ve asked myself this question for years.


I am your mother, your sister, your auntie, your grandmother, your girlfriend, your sister friend, your best friend, your wife, your lover and your confidant.

Yes, I am her, she, that woman. I carry the pain of my loved ones in my womb. It is I that watch my men being disrespected, as a way of life. There to pick up the pieces after my daughters have been molested, by a society that pimps her for monetary gratification. And I wipe the bloodied sidewalk of my sons, precious, black and strong.


It wasn’t until most recently that I discovered something sweet, something pure, and untouched. It was unadulterated love, and I found myself there. ‘Cause see the love I had been seeking all of those years from outside of myself, was already inside of me.

The love for myself was never as intense as the love I had for everyone else. Each relationship was contingent upon something. The exchange always seemed to lack balance. But isn’t that how this life operates? You can’t get something for nothing, is what they’ll tell you, right?!

This journey is a spectator’s sport. I invite you to witness the birth, or rebirth, as it were, of love. Loving me, loving I, loving it, loving her, loving she, loving….even the pain. That’s it, right there, I think I can do this in…




Labor Pains by LaVerne Curtis

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