by LaVerne N. Curtis

See I was thinking and calculating this morning 
As I walked into the sunrise
How we go through
Attempting to surmise
The mysteries of life
Evasive at best
Going day to day
Being put to the test
I wondered what was next
Since Iím a student of life
I knew thereíd be a quest
Something to make me ponder
Dig deep
And truly show what Iím made of
See there is a continuous flow
You find out things you donít know
To be true of self
And the connectedness you have with others
My feelings
My pain
My rebirth
I claim it all
Stand tall 
In my newness
Then I look beyond the clouds
I see this brother walking with a frown
And I wonder what demons heís dealing with 
Or is he dousing them in that ďfifth?Ē
Trying to get lost
At any cost
Not thinking of the reality of his own demise
Not once RISEing
To his greatness
His true purpose
Still seeking justice
For the mistakes heís made
Trying to cash in on his yesterdays
Just to find out life donít play fair
And the meek may not inherit the earth
Even if you are 
In line
Time will elude you once again
TRICK you like a whore
Just to find out 
The thoughts you bore
Had an expiration date
And now itís much too late
To even contemplate
How to even the score

Contemplation by LaVerne N. Curtis

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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