Black Love for the Sistah's

by Tracy McKever and LaVerne Prade

I fantasize all day of your silky dreads and bald heads
Free your minds in the reposition of my rose bed
From my breast sip wine
It only gets better with time
Surrender unto me your every desire
I have the wetness to extinguish your fire
I'll build you a shrine made of hot oil and potpourri
Indulging all day in your reverie 
Entranced by your beauty
There is none other like this brother
No other like this lover
No other man I could think of 
Than a Black Man who knows how to give... Black Love

There are times I close my eyes
Itís then when I visualize
Your warmth and the touch of your hands
Your presence I demand
Itís you I want to get lost in me
And never find your way back, Ďcause itís plain to see
Your strength and sensuality
I am drained by all of the possibilities
You and me, me and you lost in the abyss
The passion dripping from my lips
Damn, this is so intense
Can you feel me come
Ing through you
Like rain from above

I canít wait to shower you with myÖ Black Love 

Black Love for the Sistah's by Tracy McKever and LaVerne Prade

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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