Men & Their Remote Control

by Kimberly McKenzie

Dialing the number to her best friend house, Kim sat in her recliner tired from a hard day of work.


"Hey Tasha, what's up," Kim said as she stretched her feet out in comfort.

"Nothing much, I just put RJ down for his nap," Tasha responded.

"I feel you. It' been one of the days for me too," Kim stated hearing the tiredness in her voice. "I was calling to get that recipe for those chicken & dumplings you made for us the other week.

"Oh, that was Monique's recipe. Click over and dial her on the three-way," Tasha replied. "She should be home by now."

"All right," Kim said as she clicked over. When she was through dialing the number she clicked back while Monique phone began to ring.

"Tasha, you're still there?"




"Monique this is Kim and Tasha."

"Hey, what's going on," Monique replied.

"The same old…same old. I was calling to get that delicious recipe you gave Tasha for those chicken and dumplings.

Kim quickly jotted the information down as she clicked the television on with her remote control. "Don't forget Oh Drama is about to come on," Kim reminded her friends. "Today is going to be good. They're going to be talking about romance," she added as she clicked the volume up a few notches.

"Oh, that's right. I'm glad you reminded me," Tasha said. She could sure use a few pointers right now because their new son RJ was taking up all their time. Tasha couldn't remember the last time she shared an intimate evening alone with her husband.

"Now Monique, you'd really better pay attention to this show," Tasha laughed.

"Girl, no you didn't just say that!"

"Oh, yes she did," Kim laughed amusedly. Their friend Monique hadn't been in a stable relationship since she broke up with her college sweet heart. She was hoping Monique would find love again she thought quietly to herself. "On the real…Monique you'd better listen to Tasha. You might be surprised what you learn from others. Maybe you can snatch up that new beau you've been seeing," Kim stated as her husband Karl walked through the door. She greeted him with a wave as he settled his things down.


"Hey…why are you sitting in my recliner?" Karl asked as he motioned his wife to get up.

"Your recliner. This is our furniture," Kim pointed out as she got up from the chair. She was in no mood to fuss with him as he sat down and grabbed the remote control.

"That's right. Get him straight," Tasha called out over the line.

"He know better," Kim replied. He is just acting his normal self. You know how men are about their remote control.

"Who are you talking too?" Karl asked.

"Stop eaves dropping. If you must know I'm speaking with Tasha and Monique," Kim stated.

"Tell them they know who is in charge!" Karl laughed. "You all act like this is some Waiting to Exhale moment," he said as he began flicking the channels.

"No you didn't just flick the remote control," Kim stated out loud. "You know this is my favorite show. Now turn back."

"A commercial is on," he responded as he continued to flicker through the channels. "Go on in the other room if you don't like it."

"Why don't you stop acting like a nut. You know we don't have cable hooked up in the bedroom yet." Kim just about had it with all her husband nonsense.

"Oh well…too bad," Karl said as he tucked the remote control from her grasp. "This is a man's world," he stated as if he had just won a war.


"Oh, no he didn't girl!" Tasha ranted out loud.

"Yes he did. I don't know what it is about men and their remote control," Kim repeated for the second time.

"Well you girls should envy me then. I'm glad I don't have to be bothered by all that drama. Girl, that would be a great topic for the show," Monique said excitedly. "I'm serious, you should call in to see if they'd ever did one on this. It would be interesting to see," she added as the next segment came on.

Kim continued to talk with her friends as they did some serious male bashing.

"Did Karl turn back?" Tasha asked. "This is the part we've been waiting to see."

"No he didn't. Karl turn back," Kim waved to him angrily. He was just being down right arrogant as he kept flickering through the channels.

"You all shouldn't be ganging up on men. That ought to serve you right," he laughed jokingly.

"Turn back…" Kim protested. "You're just trying to agitate me."

"Good. Now get my dinner started. A man wants to be fed when he gets home from a hard day of work."


"Oh, no he didn't. You flip on that speaker phone," Tasha voiced in an up-roar.

Kim quickly depressed the button as she laid the phone on the receiver. She could hardly get a word out before Tasha cut back in.

"Karl, what in the world are you doing over there? You men are something else…now turn back to Oh Drama!" Tasha snapped with her fingers. You could hear the clasping of her fingers as Monique laughter filled the background.

"Girl, you'd better get into your place. Now go get Jeff dinner started. The least you can do is have his meal waiting unlike over here."

"Oh…oh…I know I just didn't hear that coming from your mouth," Tasha gasped. "You are off the hook! This isn't the olden ages where women stay in the house bare foot and pregnant all day. Heck we're working forty hours too…you should be having our dinners waiting for us. You're not the one who have to go through nine months of your belly swelling and painful hours of labor. Let's get it right!" Tasha voice heatedly.

"I'm not trying to hear none of that," Karl voiced amusedly. You women are always trying to gang up on a brother. As long as I have my remote control, the world is good," he stated as he continued flicking the channels. "And thank heaven for cable. I have so many channels to go through. About time I get back to Oh Drama, it will be over."


"Oh girl, how do you live with that man," Monique yelled out. "You make me think twice about even getting involved in another relationship."

"This is just too much," Karl stated getting up from his chair. "Here…you women are not satisfied until you win. Now go look at your show but not with my remote control," he said gliding his fingers over the buttons. "You can turn the channels manually," he stated as he left out the room. Karl laughed to himself as he continued to listen to them babble. Just like women he said as he grabbed the bedroom remote control and flicked on the television. Two remote controls…what more can a man ask for?

-Dedicated to my husband and all those men out there like him!-

Men & Their Remote Control by Kimberly McKenzie

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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