Friends Before Lovers

by Kimberly McKenzie

Of all the places to be Jane thought to herself as she threw her cards down in defeat. The room was smoked filled and she found herself grasping for air. Right now Jane wished she had listened to her instincts and stayed home but she was stuck here with her best friend who had convinced her to come out, a first in a long time since she had broken up with her fiancée. Thinking back Jane had been in a deep state of depression and her mood tonight was much of the same.

Everyone was so worried about her so she decided it was time to ease their mind including her own. The task was harder than she expected and she found herself unable to get in the swing of things. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves and she put on a smile when deep inside she was really hurting, feeling she didnít belong. Her next deck of cards was worse than the first as the losing streak continued much like her own life story. Was this a coincidence Jane thought as her partner Wess promised they would come out of this slump? He was quite a handsome guy as the dim light illuminated his chocolate brown skin. The muscles protruding from his black silken shirt revealed his strong masculinity and his good-looking features would attract any women with the exception of Jane. At this moment she wasnít interested in men and wanted to run as far away as possible from everyone, so she excused herself from the table.

Her best friend seemed to be on a winning streak and looked up with concern as Jane proceeded to exit the room. Jane assured her she was fine as she departed from all the laughter and enjoyment everyone seemed to be having besides herself. Jane could have kicked herself for being in such a rut. Everyone was being so sociable and she knew she would be having a good time if it werenít for the situation she was in.

Jane had put so many years into her last relationship that she found it impossible to move on. Her ex had moved on so why couldnít she, Jane thought as she stepped outside. It was dark out and the wind felt wonderful as it gently caressed her body. The hammock tied between two-tree post caught her attention as she walked over to the quiet area. It was so peaceful out here and Jane thought this was the perfect place to relax and think about everything that had been going on in her life up until now. It hadnít really hit her until this very moment that she was all- alone. The reality finally set in and she knew if she wanted to move on it had to be now.

Her thoughts were interrupted when Wess walked over to join her. It was the last thing she wanted as they began conversing. She thought he would go away but soon Wess was lying beside her on the hammock.

Swaying back and forth, Jane found comfort in the total stranger holding her in his arms. It seemed as if they talked about everything and she found it amazing how easy it was to unload her problems on someone she had just met. Wess didnít mind and was very understanding as he lent a shoulder for her to cry on. Just friends and thatís what transpired that night.

More and more Jane grew founder of Wess. The time they spent together was special, a feeling she had not experienced in a long time. Wess was a total gentleman. When she talked he listened, when she cried he comforted her, but most of all he had been there for her as a friend.

Up until now things had been perfect but what was transpiring before her very eyes would soon change everything. As he held her in his arms, he gently whispered that he was falling in love with her. Their eyes locked and for the moment there was complete silence. Jane had shared much of the same feelings but was afraid of opening up to anyone again. The hurt that she had experienced with her past relationship had left her wounded, a pain she promised herself she would never go through again.

The passionate kisses, the gentle caress of his hands, stirred up every emotion that only love could do. Her heart was slowly melting in the palm of his hand and yet her brain was edging her in the realm of cautiousness. What was she to do? Jane had found a gem and did not want to loose the special friendship she shared with Wess. Being honest was the only thing she could do as Jane expressed her concerns to him. They took things slow and bit by bit Wess chipped away at the wall Jane had built up.

As the days went by Jane could hardly believe the turn her life had taken. Today, she found her feelings quickly unraveling as the night took on new meaning. She was in love with the man sitting before her eyes and could not deny her feelings any more. The lovemaking was sweet, and the passion still lingered on as he held her in his arms. Things could not have been more perfect Jane thought to herself as she closed her eyes. Tonight their relationship was brought to a new height but through it all they remained the best of friends.

Friends Before Lovers by Kimberly McKenzie

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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