The Womb of Mind

by Shakespear1

In the Womb of Mind
Thought and Instinct combine

They are Sister and Brother
in a struggle with each other

Instinct fights for self preservation
Thought seeks peaceful mediation

One and the same, they are twin
one has to lose, for the other to win

Instinct wants to rule
but Thought is never cruel

She knows she will be made manifest
while her Brother fails the test

Thought bides her time 
and will patiently wait

while Instinct rushes out 
to meet a dismal fate

Thought ascends 
high spiritual progression

while Instinct descends 
into bestial regression

Instinct cries out: 
"This is mine!"

Thought will pause and say: 
"That's fine!"

The moral of this story goes like this
pay attention and youl'l live in bliss

When war rages in the Womb of Mind, 
and Instinct tries to emerge ahead of time 

Let the Lady come forth first
avoiding the human curse

It only takes 9 months 
to give birth

but it takes a lifetime 
to prove its' worth.

The Womb of Mind by Shakespear1

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