Why I Write

by Shakespear1

To My Shakes(PEERS) and Shakes(PEERESES) LOL

Can't speak for you 
but I can speak for myself

I write because 
it benefits my health

Better to write 
than to keep the demons within

It's so much easier 
to banish them with a pen

When I am down and out, 
I'd rather write than pout

And when I experience a lover's kiss 
under the moonlight shining bright

I enshrine the memory forevermore 
with a sweet and mellow, romantic write

When I am angry, 
instead of busting a head

I grab a pencil 
and make use of the lead

When I wish to be alone with my soul
I put it on paper, lo and behold

Dreams, fantasy, imagination running wild
With pen and paper, I experience the magic of a child

Each word, every stop and start, 
wrenched from my heart

Every stroke, each phrase, strong and bold
Can't quit till the story is told

Each stanza releases my spirit and lets flow
The luminous essence of creative glow

Ideas gather themselves from the Universal Mind
and manifest themselves just in time

They drift onto the paper out of the ether
and take on life and I don't have to smoke reefer

I am on a natural high
writing is my pie in the sky.

Can't write for you, only for me
but poetry sets me free. 

Why I Write by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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