Untitled (Adult Content)

by Shakespear1

In my solitude all alone,
my thoughts seek to roam.
But try as I may, 
there is no way,
my memory can evade 
the image of you.

The shadow of your smile.
The gentle caress of your lips on mine.

My mind blanks out on myriad impressions
But never can it erase the feel of your hips.
The way you walk, like a ghost on ice.

I sit here pitying my life.
Although you caused me the most strife.
I remember when we were man and wife.

I remember too, our marriage night.
you, so timid and innocently afraid.
Me, lusty, impatient,
just wanting to get laid.

I can still feel the heat
between your heaving thighs.
The moist glisten in your eyes,
as we thrust away that virgin night.
I still hear those silent screams,
endlessly,in my day and night dreams.

And though I try to unremember the day,
I can't relieve the pain in any way

Wasn't looking to see.
I tried to let you be free.
But eyes not blind,
can't help but find.

The vision is clear, even now to my disgrace.
You and your girl friend locked in embrace.
Her lips on yours' bodies as one.

On OUR bed you lay in play.
God how I rue the day.
Your eyes met mine in cold defiance.
Proud of your unholy alliance

In shock I turned and fled,
leaving you forever 
in your adulterous bed

And so here I sit in solitude at home,
The memory of you, won't leave me alone. 

Untitled (Adult Content) by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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