Sorry, Not Politically Correct

by Shakespear1

To the so-called Negroe in North America

Why the trend to be politically correct?
Why a shrine to hypocrisy erect?

The false pretense of political correctness
has destroyed the virtue of truthful directness

If a fact is a fact, present it as that
Why say she's thin, knowing she's fat.

Attempting to be politically correct 
has caused the drastic effect, 

of truth, being honey coated with lies
and hidden by the swarming flies

So, forgive me if politically correct, I am not
Seems, my political manners, I have forgot

But I feel what I say and I say what I feel
so here is the deal, for once lets get real

Gay marriage is a sin under God's law
And we are committed to an illegal war

Black boys need to grow up
Black men need to step up

Black women need to support their Black brothers
Black men need to marry Black women
instead of mingling with others

O J got caught up in the jungle fever trap 
and almost wound up guilty of a murder rap

Condoleeza Rice 
is paying one hell of a price

trying to remain politically correct
while realizing the terrible effect

the Bush mentality has created, never pausing, 
The devil laughs at the havoc, he is causing.

Rap singers need to clean up their act
Unsign their names from the devil's contract

Calling their sistuhs bitch and ho
What's up wit dat. that don't flow

We need to stop buying that shit
supply and demand, we demand it
they will supply it.

Sisters, young sisters, keep your dress down and your pants up
don't get freaky and spend your charms on every young pup

Please forgive me, if I am not being politically correct
But this is the only way we can really connect

We need to start sharing the truth
and then shouting it from the roof

Brothers, beautiful young Black soldiers, 
keep your penis in their enclosures

Give our sisters a chance 
to become women before they begin the drama

and yourself a chance to become men 
before claiming a baby mama

Give our babies a chance to grow up with 
a father and mother

instead of a single momma 
and a missing brother

not just mother and father in name, 
but true parents worthy of the claim

I know this is not politically correct,
but it's MY PEOPLE, whom I want to protect. 

I stand alone, bold and unafraid, 
shouting from the highest steeple 

My beautiful beloved brothers and sisters,
we are a special people.

A called and chosen people who have
sufferred, blood, sweat and tears 

in this Wilderness of North America
for over four hundred years. 

It is time for us to come out of her 
as a free and independent Nation.

as God intended for His children 
from the Beginning of His Creation

So, please forgive me if i am not 
politically correct

Just pay me no mind and
label me a social reject.


Sorry, Not Politically Correct by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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