The Rapist (Mildly Erotic)

by Shakespear1

The Lady lay quietly reposed on the silken couch.
As for her state of mind, no one could vouch.
She was beautiful, long black hair crowned her face.
Of mark or blemish upon her body, not a trace

She appeared to be in a trance, sweetly dreaming.
All was peaceful and silently seeming...
The man entered the room stepping gently,
with the air of one, who had arrived in a Bentley..

He was tall, features handsome, physique trim.
Bending over the exquisite form before him,
He softly whispered in her ear:
"I am here, have no fear."

His voice was a smooth caress
relieving the Lady of all distress.
His words soothing and pursuasive.
His tone confiding and pervasive.

The Lady responded, breathing deeply.
Her lips parting, surrendering completely.
The man's flirtations, stirring vibrations,
inviting violations, demanding sensations.

Suddenly, she felt his touch, 
but not through the feel of his hands..
Yet, her body succumbing 
to its sensuous demands.

Between her thighs, burned hot and moist.
Her body was his, she had never a choice.
"When you awake, nothing will be what it seems"
And then she awoke, as if from sweet dreams.

Her Therapist looked at her and smiled.
She blinked her eyes, feeling defiled.
"Next week, 8:00pm sharp, don't be late"
The Lady arose, already savoring her future date. 


Author's Comments:
"Read carefully, or you'll miss the word play! LOL" 

The Rapist (Mildly Erotic) by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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