A Love Story

by Shakespear1

"Howdy stranger, what can I do fer ya, pup."
"Gin on the Rocks? Coming right up."
"Who's the lady in the painting on the wall?"
"That's Dory, she was the owner of this Hall"

Doriella Du Fontayne
On the bottom to the left
That was her name

Pull up a chair, have a seat
Light your pipe,rest your feet
And hear the tale of Doriella
You seem like a nice young fella

Her mother was a beautiful Cajun Queen
Kind of woman you only see in a dream
Her father was a Frenchman, tall and lean
The best marksman you ever seen

Doriella was their only child
Seemed tom-boyish
till you saw her smile
She was tall for a gal
Ran around with a wolf
for a pal

Then one day as fate would have it
dad broke his neck while hunting rabbit
Soon after dad, from this life departed
Mother passed away. broken hearted

So Doriella was left alone in the world
With 2 dresses, and her mom's necklace of pearl
With all her possessions on her back
She ventured out into a world of flak

No way for a young girl to make it
She had to find a rich old man and fake it
Thus began the legend of Doriella Du Fontayne
A reknowned and famous courtesan she became

Clients came from near and far
Drinks were served them at the bar
The tab was cheap, rooms always available
Times were hard, but love was saleable

Then one day in 19 and 29, fate walked in
Dark and handsome he was, with a rakish grin
Doriella loved him with all her might
It was love at first sight without a fight

His name was Detroit Slim, a notorious Pimp
They say he could turn King Kong into a wimp
Well, it was instant love for him too
One look at Doriella and he was through

Doriella continued to ply her trade
Slim let her keep what she made
Not exactly what good pimps do
But if you had a woman as fine as wine
you'd let her keep it too.

Now if life was simple and straight
My story would be over and up to date
Don't mean to be a bore
But fate had more in store

It was a sunny day in early May
Slim was having a drink at the bar
Doriella was earning her pay
When through the door in came Lamar

Straight to Slim his footsteps led
Without a word, he fired one shot
to the head and Slim fell down dead
Slim had done him wrong,and
Lamar had not forgot

Weren't even a minute more
when Doriella came bursting
through the door

Pistol in hand,


"You shot my man."

"Murder" she cried
and she fired at will
Her bullet went wide
and hit the window sill

Lamar had ducked behind the bar
firing his pistol as he went
His bullet found its mark
And that's when everything went dark

So "Dory," as we called her
was buried, in her jewelry and fur,
alongside Slim, true lovers they were

On her tombstone these words are engraved:

Doriella Du Fontayne
She gave her life, but not in vain
With her man, she doth remain

A Love Story by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2005. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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