Can't Stop Loving You
(Chandracimone Challenge)

by Shakespear1

I am afraid to love you 
but don't ask me not to
I have fallen and I know it 
And now I bite the bit
Trust your heart, 
we will never part
Ressurrect your mind and rebuke the lie
Our love will never die
Yes, I want you to mother our child
I'll be by your side, all the while
I look at you and I admire your beauty
I would hate to hurt you 
and I love to caress you
Tomorrow hails your victory 
and your path remains true
I gaze upon you, my love, 
I wipe the tears from your eyes
For yesterday, I came alive, 
when I came back into your life
I despise my lust for someone half your virtue
Yes, my heart belongs to you 
and I swear that's true
I am a murderer, I confess, 
I killed your love for me
But, please don't ask me to walk away, 
I can never be free 
Ask me to cut out my heart 
and lay it at your feet
But please don't ask me 
to accept defeat.

Can't Stop Loving You (Chandracimone Challenge) by Shakespear1

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