Let Go And Let God


Let go and let 
God have His way,
if you want to see 
a brighter day

The harder you try 
to go your own,
the more you will
find yourself alone

I used to believe,
I had the power
to do it all

Only to find myself 
falling short,
heading for a fall

Satan had put it
in my head 
and I repeated: 
"God is Dead."

Damn the rules! 
Rules are for fools
Heaven is here
on earth, and of Hell, 
I have no fear

Life is short
Pleasure, I court
Ruin my health,
go for self.
Have fun while it last
Never regret the past

So, I lived my life,
even cheated 
on my wife
I thought I was strong,
while living life all wrong

Never knowing, 
not even caring
about the love,
my God was sharing

He allowed me 
to go on living,
in spite of all
my misgiving

and He never 
left my side
even when I was
full of pride

All the times I could'a been 
left for dead 
He protected me 
with the Blood he shed

He was my doctor when ill
His word was my primary pill
All the times when I could
have gone to jail
He bonded me out
He paid the bail

That old ME is gone
I approach a new dawn
A second chance, 
I have received
Saved from that Devil,
who had me deceived

I've put away 
my foolish behavior
My trust resides 
in my Saviour.

So all ye who are troubled
and you don't want 
the pain doubled

and you seek 
a brighter day
Let go and let God 
have His way.

Let Go And Let God by sHAKESPEAR1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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