I Hate That Word: B I T C H !!!

by Shakespear1


I hate that word...B I T C H!
Isnt it time we made a switch?
What a shameful and sad day
when we address our women that way.
Are our minds in such a fog?
Is she really just a female dog?
When will we come to the realization
that our sister is the Mother of Civilization
Queen of the planet earth, Goddess of the Universe
On her bountiful breasts, as a child we did nurse
A Nation is judged by the way it treats its women
How can we cry freedom when we abuse and misuse them
Bitch! Just a word, you say.
Sticks an stones...etc. Well,be that as it may
But words take on form and can cause harm
Nigger! Just a word! Tell that to the hung
and burned bodies of the lynched black man
Explain it to the ex slave reaching out for a helping hand
Not just a Word! It's a label, calculated to disable
the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness
Yes! I hate that Word BITCH.
It's time for us to make a switch.

I Hate That Word: B I T C H !!! by Shakespear1

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