Free Your Mind

by Shakespear1

Mother Catherine Butterfly

I once was told 
by a wise man bold

that the best person 
one can be

is a person 
whose mind is free

I asked him 
why was this so

he said: I'll tell you
before I Go

But first let me 
tell you this

Listen carefully, 
or my point you'll miss

I know this will sound 
like a nursery rhyme

but in a far away land
and once upon a time

there lived a man, 
whom I shall call Dan

who had a plan, 
which he drew in the sand

Everyone called Dan a fool
Didn't he know the cardinal rule

The earth was flat 
and that was that

But Dan insisted that 
if that was fact 

then By God, 
he'd eat his hat

So, early that day,
Dan set sail

The sea was turbulent and rough 
many times he was flooded by rain and hail

and ever so often
he was forced to bail

But on he sailed, 
straight and true

and after many days and nights, 
dry land came into view

The wise One nodded his head 
as he ended his speech

a far away look in his eyes suggesting
he was there when Dan hit the beach

Young, foolish and impetuous 
as I was back then

I had not the sense and knowledge
to catch the lesson behind his grin

Acknowledging my lack of understanding
and forgiving the impudence of my demanding

He began to tell me 
the moral of his story

The man who is free in his mind 
to manifest an idea, will attain glory

The slave to the norm will remain bound
seldom, or never will freedom be found

In order to be the best you can be
in your mind you must remain free

Follow your dreams, pursue your goal
let your mind stretch out and be bold..

Free your mind from this physical world
take a leap in faith and snatch the pearl.

Don't follow the leader, who leads you astray
Trust God's Mind, in you, to pave the way!

Free Your Mind by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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