How To Displace Without Disgrace

by Shakespear1

When someone irks your ire.
Before dispensing smoke and fire.

Write them a little note.
Fold it up, place it in your coat.

Go about your work, the rest of the day.
Do your duties, earn your pay.

Go home, kiss your wife.
Play with the kids, relieve your strife.

Relax, eat supper, watch TV.
Remember that smiles are free.

Take a shower, prepare for bed.
But just before you rest your head.

Read your note,to see the reason you write.
And as you read, you'll begin to feel contrite.

You say to yourself, "Was it really that bad?
Now I can't understand, why I got so mad."

For some reason, you find, you can't recall,
the purpose of these statements at all. 

As your wife comes through the door.
and sees your note, crumpled on the floor.

Sleep descends upon you and you begin to crash,
she picks it up, to toss in the trash.

In the morning, with a start, you awaken.
It has dawned on you, that you were mistaken.

Thank Goodness, that missile wasn't fired.
Without a doubt, you would not have been Re-Hired.

How To Displace Without Disgrace by Shakespear1

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