by Shakespear1

Lokero's challenge

Beauty is the sun in all of its glory.
The happy ending to a story.

Beauty is the dawning day.
Beauty is the Milky Way

Beauty is the cry of a new born baby.
The hope and promise of what may be.

Beauty is the rainbow, 
the moon's glow

Beauty is a conquered dream
Beauty is a love supreme

Beauty is not in flesh, 
but in the spirit.

Beauty is a man being a man.
Beauty is in your character, period.

Beauty is the smile in your mother's eye.
Beauty is a cloud in the sky.

Beauty is a crystal lake.
Your baby girl's home made cake.

Beauty is pleasure after the pain.
Joy after the rain

Beauty is in your living.
Not in the taking, but in the giving.

Beauty is in everything god has made!

And the most beautiful thing,you'll ever see,
is when your race on earth is won.

And then you will look in the face of God
and He will say:" Well done".

Beauty by Shakespear1

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