Back In The Day

by Shakespear1

Sitting here reminiscing
thinking of all the stuff 
I been missing.

I was a lady's man back in the day.
I used to just rest, dress and play.
Now, my dog won't even smile at me.
'm all alone and my time is too free.
What in the world has become of me?

Cadillac cars and stetson hats.
Hung out with all the fat cats
A lady on each arm,
protecting me from all harm.

Friends everywhere,
all in my hair.
Loved by everyone. 
always good for some fun.
Where they gone,why they run?

Always had a big smile
treated everyone in style.
Brother needed a dollar.
all he had to do was holla.

Baby need milk?
Momma want silk?
See big daddy
flowing in his caddy.

Now look at me.
Can't get nothing free.

Brother, can you spare me a dime?
Hell no, I ain't got time.
But ain't you the one I fed that day
took you home and let you stay.
Now you ain't got time, to spare me a dime?

Sister, how are you, haven't seen you for a while
Get away from me, old man, you ain't my style
But ain't you the one who shacked up with me
cause your momma threw you out.
I fed, clothed, and sheltered you for free
and now you turn your nose up at me?

Yeah, I'm sitting here reminiscing
thinking how much I been missing
but the more I think about it???
I ain't missing s--t!!! 

Back In The Day by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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