A Message To My Brother With Love

by Shakespear1


I sit at home 
complacent in my thought

Remembering times 
when with life I fought

I snorted coke, sold dope 
and all around just could not cope

I broke all the rules
I was the most serious of fools

My life centered around making dough
Be it man, woman, friend or foe

From whom, didn't matter,
as long as my pockets grew fatter

Life on the installment plan
In for a year, out for a month.
The more God chased, the more I ran

But God has a way of bringing 
us all to our knees

No matter our status
or level of degrees

I have only myself to blame
but sure enuff, my day came

15 to Life, 
say goodbye to your wife

Throw the keys away 
and lock the door

You ain't never 
gonna see the street no more

A'int it a shame and a pain
when you can't see past the rain

Sun don't shine nowhere in here
And you living in constant fear

Gotta be a man, gotta stand tall
If you don't, you gonna fall

But late at night alone in your cell
you realize, youré on a ride through hell

Momma can't help you, nothing daddy can do
The guards will just as soon, stomp on you

and your girl is with someone new
now, who can you turn too?

Alone, in the still quiet of the night
With your personal demons you fight

In the deepest recesses of your frozen heart
walls begin to come down, barriers melt,
your mind screams as the chains come apart

In your solitude, you hear HIS voice:


You answer: 

"I hear you, Lord, what 
shall I do to be saved?" 

HE says nothing more.

But deep in your soul, 
you know what He wants.

"This is dedicated to my spiritual brother, 
who is going through the above experience 
which I have gone through. I want him to 
know that I share his experience and 
we are ONE"

A Message To My Brother With Love by Shakespear1

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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