To Be A Child Again

by Shakespear1

Oh, to be a child again
starry eyed,vibrant, full of life.
Unaware of pain or sorrow.
Free in the universe,
every day a new beginning.

Oh to be home again,
under the watchful eye of momma,
basking in the adoration of poppa.
The center of their universe,
the apple of their eye.

Gone are those carefree days,
everything must change.
Now, we who have survived,
must enter a new childhood,
well aware of sorrow and pain.

We sit in the shade,
remembering the plans we made,
the dreams mislaid,
the loves we won and lost.
All the heartaches and the cost.

Oh, to be a child again,
to play in the rain,
to hide behind the shed,
have pillow fights in bed.

But gone are those days,
death creeps up in many ways.
Night approaches, the days grow dim.
No longer youth's vigor and vim

I sit in the shade and watch the parade.
Oh, to be a child again.

To Be A Child Again by Shakespear1

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