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Since the age of 7, Kamal has on occasion, woke up with poems and rymes in his head. At first he would write for young girls and later for house parties as the hip-hop era was ushered in. Introduced to African American poetry books by his grandmother at an early age, Kamal took on a new love of poetry. Then he was introduced to The Last Poets, Gil Scott Heron, and Kool and the gangs "Hustlers Convention." After seeing Jessica Care Moore win on the Apollo, he knew that it was time to start merging his hip hop and poetry and bringing it out to a wider audience.

Kamal was recently a Judge for the Smokin Word Slam Competition at Nells in NY. Kamal is currently performing on the eastern US which includes the Ekco Lounge in Boston, Club Downtime in NY, Nells in NYC, Farliegh Dickinson University in Teaneck NJ, Nuyorican Poetry Café in NY, Club Downtime NYC, Princeton University, Deptford Java Coffee House with www.cavalcadeofpoetry.com, Geronimos in Teaneck NJ, Club Stealth in Hackensack NJ, Elks in Englewood NJ and much more! Kamal's new single releases is entitled "Yo, I Copped A New whip", "Revolutionary Art", "Feng Shui", and Ms. Melanin Which are from his forthcoming CD "Revolutionary Art Vol 1: Purified Gases which will be released early this year. Kamal along with Akil The Poet and Spoken, has also co-hosted The Indaspirit Open Mic Series in Englewood NJ which featured guest Helena D. Lewis, Lamar Hill, Sister Moon, and Brother Earl to name a few. He is currently the host of Friday Nite Jams at Club Stealth in Hackensack NJ with DJ Venom of Funk Master Flex's Big Dog Record Pool Franchise.

Kamal has been blessing the mic since the age of 9. He was born in Harlem NYC. He lived in the Bronx before moving to New Jersey where he performed as an MC at many house parties with one of his earliest crews, the Asiatic Brothers. He has been on the same stage (opened for or performed with) the likes of Buju Banton, MC Shan, Das Effects, Jazzy Joyce, Big Bubs, Red Head King Pin, Cassidy, King Just, King Sun, and many many more! He has and is receiving airplay in many cities in the USA and Overseas and is preparing to release of the Kampfire Compilation later this year, and is planning his tour accordingly. He is very versatile. His styles range from Guru to Mobb Deep, to Busta Rymes. He just feels the beats and flows and writes accordingly. KAMAL RECENTLY HAD A COMERCIAL ON TNN FOR THE WWF "WAR IS RAW". Kamal and Powerbroker Artist music comprise the soundtrack for and acts in the www.rbgworld.com Blockbuster distributed indie films "Holla if I kill you" and “Goldigger Killer”. The theme song is Kamal's "Revolutionary Art"(hip hop version). Kamal has appeared as an extra in the above as well as VH1 Cover Jams', "Under Cross" and is currently making his debut appearance in a new play "The Greatest Is Love" in Englewood NJ with Ms. Gloria Williams where he plays E-Mann a sinister and charming rapper. He performed January 25, 2004 for the NJ Nets halftime at the Continental Arena. Recent Urbanlivez.com receiver of the “Word” medal and Un-Conventional Indymedia performances at The Nuyorican Poetry Café and The Bowery Poetry Club In NYC.

You can contact Mr. Imani via e-mail at cipherkam@yahoo.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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